[FACEBOOK] 120219 JYJ Facebook Update


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[NEWS] 120220 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Chocolate’s proof picture – ‘Even arrange the gifts with the greatest care’


Kim Jaejoong, JYJ’s member, posted a proof photo of his belated Valentine’s Day, which attracted much attention.

On Feb 19, Kim Jaejoong revealed the proof picture on twitter. In the picture, there were many colorfully wrapped chocolates.

Kim Jaejoong let the gifts uncovered and arranged them in the way that the inside could be seen. This carefulness gave fans big smile.

Netizens commented, “When will you eat this all?” “Kim Jaejoong’s proof picture makes fans happy.” “It proves that Kim Jaejoong is a considerate man.”

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[NEWS] 120219 JYJ appeared in ‘Ojakyo Brothers’ – ‘Hot topic’ even though just the name was mentioned


Group JYJ appeared in KBS drama ‘Ojakyo Brothers’, which has become hot topic.

In the latest episode of ‘Ojakyo Brothers’ aired on Feb 19, big sister Kim Minsook (Jeon Miseon) asked the wife of 2nd brother Choi Suyoung (Choi Jungyoon) who was working for a broadcast station, “How is the JYJ’s signed CD that I asked you last time? Our Hana is waiting.”
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