[TRANS] We want to see JYJ: The cancellation of JYJ’s ‘The Day’ documentary screening and the ties CGV has with CJ E&M and SM Entertainment

We want to see JYJ [2012.02.13 No.897]

[Culture] CGV abruptly canceled the screening of JYJ’s daily documentary <The Day> …

Still have to read SMs countenance despite risk of legal dispute?

This time too, JYJ couldn’t come back. On 29 Jan, JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment announced, “CGV has noticed the cancellation of the screening of JYJ’s daily documentary <The Day>.” It happened only 10 days after the contract between C-JeS and CJ has been sealed. C-JeS stated, “CGV suddenly notified us about the cancellation via phone call. Even though we have suggested them several times to modify the contract and said that we would agree to other conditions, we eventually received a cancellation notice.” C-JeS has filed a complaint to the FTC and the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission. What is the reason that made CGV of CJ terminate the contract despite risk of legal dispute?

‘External pressure’ toward a certain idol movie

CJ and CGV’s official answer is that “there was a problem in the contract process, which was belatedly found out. Both sides have tried to find an agreement but failed.” Kim Taehee-ssi of CGV’s PR team said, “Before deciding the screening, CGV hasn’t seen that documentary even once. CGV’s related team didn’t also properly follow the reporting procedures.” CG also informed C-Jes about the ‘problem of contract process’, such as, “exchange of emails relating to the screening between both sides without seeing the documentary, press release without prior confirmation about the final screening scale, contract sealing without going through internal reporting procedures,” etc. Nevertheless, C-JeS stated, “On 21 Jan, CGV backed out of the contract, saying that ‘the contract wasn’t delivered through the proper channel’. We already said that they could see the documentary at anytime and suggested to postpone the opening day so that they could have internal preview, but they kept insisting on the cancellation.” If what C-JeS said is true, we should focus more on ‘CGV’s internal problems’.  Continue reading


[TRANS] 120131 Editorial: “Give back civil rights to JYJ!”

Group JYJ that is named by the initials of three young, talented and beautiful men Jaejoong – Yoochun – Junsu is very popular in Korea as well as overseas. After leaving DBSK because of unfair contract issue in 2009 July and standing on their own feet, they recorded the sale of more than 1,200,000 albums. They held and are going to hold concerts in Asia – Europe – North America – Latin America. They are also very active in dramas and musicals. But just a few days before the broadcast of their daily documentary on a cable channel, it was canceled. They have gained the opportunity to bring the documentary that was thrown out to the big screen. However, “as expected”, a few days before the premiere, the theater side notified them of the ‘screening cancellation’. JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment said, “The contract for the screening of documentary The Day in 20 CGV’s complexes from Feb 2nd was sealed. But not long after the press release, CGV informed us that they can’t keep the contract.” After that, suspicion was raised among JYJ’s fans that there was pressure from SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former company that is in the lawsuit with them.   CGV denied, “The decision was made because there was a problem in contract procedures, there was no external pressure.”

Let’s suppose that we believe such explanation. Why do uncommon things for other artists keep happening to just JYJ? JYJ can’t appear on broadcast music programs. July last year, KBS Jeju and Jeju Island was to have JYJ to perform in their show. But 4 days before the event, JYJ received a cancellation notice. C-JeS said, “Such things unofficially happen to us more than 2~3 times a week.” According to majority opinion, it’s because the broadcasters are under pressure after the KFPCAI (Korea Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry) that belongs to gigantic companies requested to each of them to restrict JYJ’s activities. Even though in 2009 as well as last year, the Court has ruled 2 times that ‘JYJ must be ensured their own entertainment activities’, this situation doesn’t change.

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