[NEWS] 120218 Park Yoochun, fashionista from Joseon in tracksuit + Ikseonkwan

Park Yoochun is bringing laughter to the viewers mix and match look consisting of a track suit and the ikseonkwan. (ikseonkwan = royal headdress a King or a crown prince would have worn while conducting the daily business.)

Park Yoochun tweeted a picture on February 18th. In the picture, Park Yoochun smiles wearing a red tracksuit, topping it off with the ikseonkwan with a coffee cup in his hand.

Park Yoochun plays the role of the crown prince who has slipped through time from the past to the modern day Seoul on SBS‘s new drama ‘Attic King’. The look Park Yoochun is wearing is a mix-and-match across time and space that introduces us to the basis of the drama.

Some of the netizens who came across the unusual look of the handsome Park Yoochun commented, “The crown prince of Joseon in a track suit. It’s already fun”, “Just the picture alone gets my anticipation going for the drama”, and “I wanna see the drama already!”

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