[INFO] 120217 Noizu Productions Announcement related to JYJ’s Concert in Lima, Peru

Greetings ….. First of all we want to thank all the fanclubs who attended the meeting yesterday; these are some of the points we all agreed  and as we communicated days before, this would be released to keep everyone informed.

With regards to the entry [to the concert], we agreed with the fanclubs that, one day before the Concert, they will be able to queue, and we agreed to an exact time, to prevent others to queue days before the concert, because we must also remember that many fans from overseas will arrive early and the costs to come here is high, so some people will start queuing to avoid spending more than they already have spent here; we are seeking  the best security for everyone to be in better conditions and to avoid problems, so the queue will begin at 8:00 pm on March 10th.

Noizu, in gratitude to all, will add portable toilets and provide security for those who will camp out a day before the concert, so everyone can can go in peacefully . We must remember that the fans must stay calm and not make noise, as we want to avoid problems with the authorities and neighbors.  Fanclubs will help in giving tickets in order of arrival, to monitor the queue and not have problems because someone keeps a place in line; we all need to help to maintain order. The only open item is, if you will be able to carry tents, which we will announce days in the coming days.

Banners and Posters: We speak very clearly that this concert is called “JYJ in Lima”,  so we will only allow to let in everything that has to do with JYJ and the individual artist members (Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun). Just like we reported yesterday, this concert will be recorded and we want nothing to do with other bands that will not have a performance that day, so  please avoid  problems at the door/entry.

All products to be sold  and authorized by the band will be announced next week with more details.

The Gifts: it was agreed that it is better that not all fans bring gifts because it is impossible for the band to take all of these gifts, so we thought it’s the best to give one good gift from a fanclub and those who are not members [of the fanclub] can communicate on their facebook to reach an agreement with the fanclubs. It’ s the best way they [JYJ] can carry it faster without being overloaded.

There will be no autograph signing  or fan meeting.

Security: We have the best security for the event day, ambulances, firefighters, police and an agreement with the nearest clinic in case you have any problems at the concert.

Each area has a fence, so this way, the security can act quickly against any problem. It’s very important to know that all areas are separated, so those who try to move from one place to another will automatically be removed from the concert for disorderly conduct, this we want to make it very clear,  so please avoid problems.

Scenario: We already discussed, in previous days, that the stage extension  will reach to the area of “In Heaven (Super VIP)” similar to many other shows that are made here, so please don’t ask again if this will reach to Javier Prado…

There will be very important people at the concert, authorities, consulars, ministers, etc, you must stay in calm and be well-mannered.

All that you have seen in [other JYJ] concerts will be made here, but we can’t tell you everything because we  don’t want to kill the surprise.

About the airport arrival, we can’t assure you that they will come out from the same exit area, because this is a very private matter from the embassy. We don’t want to have the same problems that happened the last time when a korean artist came to Peru (T/N: MBLAQ). But we know everyone want to see their artist,s so we can advise you how to see your artists before the Concert.

More details about whether you can bring cameras and others will be announced one week before the Concert.

Greetings ..


Source:  Noizu Facebook
Translated and Shared byJYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


47 thoughts on “[INFO] 120217 Noizu Productions Announcement related to JYJ’s Concert in Lima, Peru

  1. Now that is how you run a concert. Meet with the fanclubs, and communicate clearly about every detail. I love it.
    Oh, many authorities, ministers consulate, etc. Wow. What a concert. JYJ is leaving the area of kpop and becoming dignitaries. (Maybe Yuchun shouldn’t do the bed scene or the F… You in Get Out.) Would be nice if they added an official state welcome.

    • @Lisa
      Yeah, this caught my attention too “There will be very important people at the concert, authorities, consulate, ministers, etc, ”
      Sounds like another state visit to me, hahaha
      I’m not complaining at all…great effort Noizu Production!

  2. So if they are recording the concert…will they release a DVD? I appreciate all the fan cams but I really want to see more of their live performances recorded well and properly capturing the best moments.

  3. Lol!!! Never heard this accurate filling of procedures (please endure my spoiled english) been drag with JYJ engrish much)

    Ah……when will they come to jakarta? Or should i say, when the promotor in Indonesia has the same legit?

  4. i’m really glad and grateful that our boys work with this promotor, Noizu really show their great work even though the concert still in some week later
    even though i wanna see a fancam of this concert but i don’t know why i felt gonna be more prefer to read some fanaccount and just some pic if they allowed it
    thank u Noizu

  5. I hope promoters in other cities will take note of Noizu productions arrangements and take plenty of notes. A little extra precaution will go a long way…Long way; get it. I made a funny! 😀

  6. pro Noizu, please look after them!!! And about fan, just cant understand….so rude…and they hope the artists (which named in the banner) will go to Peru because of these impolite actions????

  7. Cool! It sounds like Noizu has this whole thing really well organised. ^___^ The only thing I’d add is for the fans greeting JYJ at the airport when they arrive & leave, please remember to give them lots of space & let them feel safe there – aka no rushing at them, or walking jammed up next to them. They are happier & more relaxed at airports when they can see the fans are there but at a safe distance, aka Thailand & Turkey, when Jaejoong was relaxed enough to smile & wave at the fans.

  8. Can they broadcast it for live? Just curious cos the whole process already been so epic why Don’t broadcast it, crossing my finger

  9. This promoter is very professional. The way they manage place, security, camping make me feel the boys will be in secure and get warm welcome.

  10. WOW, Noizu productions, you are so cool. I love how they thought of everything: meeting with local fanclubs, thinking of safety, toilets, queeing, consideration for int’l fans, medical assistance, gifting.

    Noizu needs to write a manual book on how to run a successful JYJ concert.

    Very good business practices not only for JYJ concert, but also for the Noizu because it will create a precedent, and it will enrich Noizu’s business resume.

    • They should open a “THIS is how you do a concert” school LOL! Then production companies can send their workers to learn how to do it RIGHT!

      • 😀 thanks, though I”ll confess i’m liable to be mostly LIA (not missing-in-action, but lurking-in-action LOL!) until around May, when the semester is done. I just can’t devote the necessary time to my Japanese when I’m yakking it up on JYJ3 all the time HAHAHAHA!

    • @daebaksama

      “Noizu needs to write a manual book on how to run a successful JYJ concert. ”

      Just as you and @springbok17 said, this is one of the standards to be met. I’d say they are right on par with the Thai producer, Mr. Kang, and the group from Barcelona. The ones who need the help BADLY are the ones who run Powerhouse, who did the NA leg of the tour. I’m still burning about how badly they did with that series. It looks as if they put the least amount of effort into working that promotion. That one lousy presscon was just about it.

      Not to mention ShadesofJade had to go to Jeri Slaughter to intervene with Jae to arrange for the birthday tribute for YC. They refused to even assist. So, when the guys come back to NA, I seriously hope they can connect with a better promoter than Powerhouse. They are not the only fish in the pond.

      • Maybe Noizu and the Thai promoter became JYJ global promoter and rep. That will be nice, ne?
        As both entities seem very passionate about their work and businesses.

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