[TWITTER] 120220 Junsu Twitter Update


@yoonphantom: http://yfrog.com/mnnswynj With my son at the Icheon Termeden Hot Spring…^^

@1215thexiahtic: @yoonphantom Waah, this kid is so much a handsome guy too^^

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[TWITTER] 120219 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] Yoon Youngsik to Junsu: Cool XiahTod~~ Now we could stand together in 1 stage. You have worked hard today

Junsu to Yoon Youngsik: I really liked that hyung^^ Good night


[TRANS] Junsu: Noona, you have also worked hard^^ (in reply to …ㅠ–ㅠ…) Continue reading

[TWITTER] 120218 Junsu Twitter Update


Kim Su-Yong  to Junsu: Tomorrow Tomorrow!! lol

Junsu to Kim Su-Yong : Tomorrow is finally hyung’s first performance~~!! Fighting!! 

(T/N: Kim Su Yong interpret the role of narrator ‘Lucheni’ in the musical Elisabeth)

Source: @1215thexiahtic, @nicedragon0314
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[TWITTER] 120218 Twitter Convo between Yoochun and Rooftop Prince co-star Lee Minho

“Lee MinHo @ 93LeeMinHo:
@ 6002theMicky The Crown Prince is playing some game lol. It will be up soon…” (T/N: he didn’t indicate what will be up soon.)

“Micky @ 6002theMicky:
@ 93LeeMinHo I am reading the script instead of playing game~ hmm…GOSTOP” (T/N: (2)Gostop is Korean card game with flower cards. To understand better read this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go-Stop)

“Micky @ 6002theMicky:
@ 93LeeMinHo Let’s play together. Song!Man!Bo!” (T/:N *Song ManBo is the name of character Lee MinHo plays at ‘Rooftop Prince’) Continue reading

[TWITTER] 120216 Yoochun Twitter Update


Kim So Hyun: My last day of elementary school! I’m spending it while shooting for ‘Rooftop Prince’ at night~!♥ Hey Rooftop Prince~ you must go well♥ Haha That’s right, Prince-nim will do well, hihi ^^ I must try really really hard (T/N: literally, until my body breaks) http://pic.twitter.com/9LaNsYHU

Yoochun to Kim So Hyun:  Everything must go well~^^ Fighting!!!

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[TWITTER] 120216 Junsu and Jaejoong Twitter Update


@nicedragon0314: @1215thexiahtic Lucheni too..??^^;;;

@1215thexiahtic: @nicedragon0314 Ha ackkk! (T/N:  Min Young Ki @poimin73 tweeted  about the definition of ‘Ha ackkk!’ that Junsu frequently uses. 
“Ha ackkk means… Junsu said “it is a exclamation for gratitude and shyness at the same time???” to me^^ It was reporter Min Young Ki from Elisabeth’s dressing room.”)


@1215thexiahtic: @nicedragon0314 Hyung, will you be performing today??

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