120206 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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  1. Good day everyone,
    I got a very good feeling from JYJ Tweet Fest to all their adorable photos …
    I have many important things to do but I just want to share first this video, Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are” rewritten to fit Jae perfectly with a female’s voice. And Jae’s images used are just WOW, thank you s3adolphin for this video, I really love it.

    • Really don’t know specifically why I’m feeling light since saturday, feb. 4. It’s JJ’s real birthday for one. I remember reading then that she wrote JYJ’s name on her first snow in London here in GAPP and what a feeling. I would do the same if i have that one unique experience in life. I’ve been missing the boys and stayed till wee hours last night but cu’z no twitter i did not know till late morning through JYJ3 about the tweets. I’m engrossed reading all over again and again feeling joyful that i skip working in the office and just lurking the net. I’m in this JYJ addiction these days. I can’t thank you all here enough for posting relevant comments and videos about them. I get to know their moments and past circumstances so i’m not logging behind (rather slow in research, my hands are tied everyday being a full time employee, mother and wife at the same time). Once again thank you to all and to the admins of JYJ3.

  2. hi. ^^
    Just wanna ask, is it true that JYJ will release their new album “the end” just days after HoMin’s end contract with SMEnt? sc: @DEWASHINKI
    Not mean to bash or something, only curious about new album tho..
    reply please ^^

    • and when will Homin’s contract with SME end ? I heard they just re-sign last year so maybe 2022, lol
      If there will be an album release, I’m sure it has nothing to do with those 2, errr, why are some people always connect them to whatever JYJ does or says. The two groups are on opposite poles of the globe.How can one on the north pole meets one at the south pole !

    • I heard that their contract will end sometimes in April 2012. Haven’t heard about the extension or the cut-off.

      I am so sorry I can’t help with JYJ latest album. We are waiting excitedly for that too. You can come here for the latest info regarding JYJ.
      You only need to spend a bit of your time reading the regulation.


    • as far as we know, JYJ’s new international album will be released sometime in the summer. Don’t believe anything but official sources. And…I don’t mean to offend you or be rude but…you read that rumour and you really thought it was believable?!LOL. (sorry, I’m not making fun of you just people who come up with that stuff)

    • I heard of that too. Not official statement so i dun really care. But if its true i hope its the end of the blocking stuff !

      • I doubt breaking a contract with HoMin will affect SME’s continuous evil treatment against JYJ. I think it will last as long as JYJ is in the house (in entertainment world). It will only end when SME is being processed under the law and is asked to surrender…..or when any JYJer slap the moron to death with hot frying pan, or scanner and fax machine (for me)

    • Hm As far as i remember ( i remember this pretty well since i come to know this from reading about SuJu news about their contract)….Read it last year they already renew their contract for 7 years ….actually most of SM artist already renew their contracts to 7 years including HoMin…so…that definitely absurd…

      • Actually, HoMin have shorter contracts than other artists.

        Okay…I will stop now. Admin is allowed to hit me for extending this out-of-JYJ comment, with pencil …s’il vous plait

      • Not really sure about that…Since i read it from SuJu news (Some of SuJu members if i not mistake has 13 years contract too), it only state that group that signed for 13 years before reduce or resigned it to 7 years….It’s rather they take 7 years or signed for the remains years..er 4 or 5 years for HoMin i guess…

    • What’s the connection between JYJ new album and HoMin’s contract with SM? (-___-“)
      Don’t trust rumour so easily…
      I just don’t understand why those ppl *you know who* always connecting the unconnect things…

    • @VieVIP

      I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here, if you are just curious for information about JYJ’s next international album “The End” – that is supposed to be released after HoMin’s contract with SME ends- opposite of “The Beginning”, and you got this information from somewhere…may I suggest in the future…try using just a teensy, weensy, little bit of deductive reasoning…how would anyone know the title of the new album when the only comment about it has been there will be a new album? If you picked this up from somewhere else, you got punked.

      If you are a troll and are testing the waters, again, you got punked. Just saying. 🙂 Have a good day.

  3. My friend recommended me some songs and one of it is block b’s nanrina. Not sure if you guys will like it, but i love the lyrics lol arrogant and cocky. I think JYJ would goes well with the lyrics cos to me, they’re what girls yearn for hohoho XD

      • @ nomusicnolife

        Forget JJ??????

        JJ is everything, beyond all cutie pies I have ever seen. Jaejoong is my ever and forever love…*drama queen mode on*

        When it comes to JJ, I will throw anyone, even my dark prince Tsuruga Ren (don’t compare this to cough#@cough that play his character), my super smart L…my Johnny Depp….LOL

      • @jae-is-mine hahaha i understand lmao. im just kidding, ofcos i know you only love jaejae
        i fall for some of the drama’s/anime’s character(male lead or supporting male lead) but all of this only last till the last episode of the drama/anime lol jae is the only person that i never stop loving.i starts to like him before he act in any drama/movie. and when he act in vacation etc, although the short drama ends, my love never fades. he’s the only one that can took my heart entirely ♥

      • @ nomusicnolife

        I just re-watched Death Note anime yesterday and Skip Beat is still going on…until I don’t know.
        Jae….Jaejoongie…must have lots of hearts accidentally collected until now….

      • @jae-is-mine haha i haven’t watch anime for a loooonnnggg time lol too lazy to wait for the video to load(unless its about jaejoong) XD i think i should re-watch fruit basket and vampire knight if im free hehehe
        and yes! uncountable 😛

  4. hmm…..is that okay if i continued write some summary of our boys life from their first debut as JYJ again ? before on previous GAPP (maybe around two days before) i already post some of their achievement around 2010 and lil bit about their obstacle.

    now first i’m gonna post some their obstacle
    – we all know that SKKS really give a big impact for the boys especially for Chunnie, from that drama he got so many awards and the OST of that drama also became favorite too also that time for the first and last time our boys can stand in the stage but behind of those also there are some obstacle, one of those obstacle is the OST of SKKS was delayed because domestic distributor refused to release the OST, they are afraid of disadvantages but finally that OST can release but by foreign distributor (Warner Music Korea)
    – When our boys release The Beginning through Warner Music Korea (again) and has been sold really well but it was never put on any charts in Korea. It was known that around October,13 2010 KFPCAI has sent the an official document to every media (3 major broadcasting company, TV cable, distributors,record labels, press,etc to refrain for casting JYJ to appear on TV broadcast, even though they denied about this matter but those document get discovered
    – On october, 8 2010 SM applied for a provisional injuction to ban the release of ‘The Beginning’ album but then withdraw it because the album already release but because of this injuction, WMK had difficulties in producing additional copies in time. Even though the court had judge that the exculsive contract between the boys and SM was invalid on october 27 2009 but SM still insisted on vallidity of the contract by holding the press conference on November,2 2010 and ask WMK not to produce and distribute the album, this action totally violate the previous court decision that JYJ can do their activities freely and SM can’t be involved
    – JYJ decide to perform on Blue Dragon award on November 26 2010 but suddenly get cancelled
    – Even though JYJ get hit in Billboard and get some achievement in US but there are no Korean media who reported it at all
    – KBS drama departement want cast the singer (JYJ) and the actor (chunnie) but it need 1 week for get the decision because there are an argument between the drama department and entertainment department regarding the appearance of JYJ
    – on December 27 2010 JYJ just finishing their shooting for SBS Good morning and scheduled aired around January 5 2011 but without any proper reason, that show get delayed and because fans strongly protested so this show get reschedule to be aired around January 19 2011.
    -QTV give a promise to JYJ fans for aired their daily live for 8 days through ‘JYJ real 24’ on January 25 2011 but suddenly get delayed on February 23 2011 and finally just a day after that QTV announced that JYJ real 24 get cancelled
    – around May 3 2011, the appearance of 4 main actor on Miss replay get schedule to appear on Come to Play get cancelled, the reason of this because the crew of Come to Play ask to 3 actor could appear on the show without Yoochun but all of the actors decline their appearance. MBC section TV also cancelled its cover of the poster shooting of Miss Ripley
    -KBS ever promised to let JYJ appear on Music Bank if the boys release their album but even though In heaven already release, those people doesn’t keep their promise at all
    – this is the one of the famous incident also bring a rage of JYJ fans from around of the world. around May 3 2011 JYJ get selected ad ambassador of Jeju island for selection 7 wonders but 4 days before their appearance for special program to encourage votes suddenly get cancelled and after that suddenly F(X) and SNSD get announce to be perform in Jeju for replace JYJ. This is not only bring a anger from local fans but also from International fans
    – actually after Gwangju and Busan concerts, JYJ have a plan to held another concert in Korea but suddenly get canceled
    – another cancellation happen to JYJ documentaries ‘the days…’ by CGV

    now let see the achievement that our boys already have till now
    The list of Achievements JYJ have made in 6 months. (Oct.12, 2010)

    *”The Beginning” had 540,000 Pre-Sales
    *Worked with Jeri Slaughter for their concerts.
    *Showcase in Seoul had 70,000 in Attendance in 2 days-5 new self-composed songs.
    *US tours in 3 cities had 22,000 in Attendance
    *In Total more than 130,000 in Attendance for JYJ concerts last year.
    *Over 3000 foreigners visited Korea from America, Europe and Asia. Increasing Tourism. Put KFC to shame.
    *Nature Republic were JYJ is featuring there as models was the only Shop Store that increased their sales. Made 700 Billion KRW in less than 2 months.
    *Release of the new versions of “The Beginning”
    *Junsu won “Best New Actor” in the 4th Musical Awards.
    *At December, after JYJ confirmed their appearance in KBS KDrama Awards 2011, they also appeared in KBS news, KBS Guerrilla date, and more and more differents channels were airing news about JYJ. Making it their first time on Korean TV.
    *In December 31th, for the first time after 2 years JYJ sang live in a Korean TV. They sang SKKS’s drama Ost “Found You” at KBS Music Drama awards 2010.
    *At the KBS Music Drama Awards, Yoochun won “Best New Actor” and two other awards.
    * JYJ’s The Beginning album ranked first in hanteo second semester chart.
    *JYJ’s SKKS Ost ranked first album in Ost category.
    *JYJ’s The Beginning sold over 300,000 copies in Korea alone
    *SKKS OST sold almost 200,000 copies in Korea and Overseas.
    *The 2010 year finished favorable to JYJ. All of them winning rookie awards in musical, jdrama and kdrama.
    *Thanks to Yoochun popularity, SKKS was exported for 4.9 Billion KRW
    *JJ being the most popular member Overseas. (China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan etc)
    *JJ being the most sought out artist in kpop.
    *Jaejoong’s Intermodulation (>//< sold alot in Japan)
    *Release of Their Rooms (1 more new song) (Making history with this right after The Harry Potter Series.)
    *White Day fanmeeting had 7,000 in Attendance.
    *JJ bringing sales for ElleTV by 7x. (JJ effect)
    *W/e the boys touch is instantly sold out. (JJ being a blue chip in that department)
    *JYJ Their rooms have sold more than 150,000 copies (disclosed amount on the sales not reported by CJes)
    *Altogether more than 15,000 people in the fanmeetings alone.
    *Junsu’s selling out more than 40,000 tickets in total 16 minutes for TOH. Breaking History.
    *World concert in Thailand w/ 4 new songs- 22,000 audiences in 2 days.
    *JJ winning Shorty Awards (beating out Justin Bieber) Faxo w/ JYJ
    *NII ads, Nature Republic ads, reconfirmed for Lotte ads.
    *JYJ chosen as Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Tourism.
    *JYJ chosen as Honorary Ambassadors for FLL Korea.
    *JYJ selected as Honorary Ambassadors for OKTA
    *JJ being concert director. (First time for any idol)
    *Chunnie being the Blue chip in CF industry.
    *Junsu’s continue w/ Mozart musical. Selling 13,000 in 4 minutes.
    *Finished Asia tour with 60,000+ in Attendance.
    *3three Voices II get released
    *SKKS is now worth 39 million dollars in Japan.
    *The book with the second highest profits was JYJ’s “Their Rooms: Our Essay.” According to the publisher this book which was printed in January has sold 150,000 copies as of now,( sold more but the rest is disclosed by CJes -_-)and according to this the royalties were investigated to be over 400,000,000 KRW (approximately 400,000 USD). The book received an explosive response, to the degree that at the time of its printing, the publisher expressed its impressions as follows: “In the publishing industry this is an exceptional and shocking situation that is experienced for the first time only after Harry Potter.”
    * The first was “Because It Hurts, It is Youth”… It was recommended by JJ, thus boosting sales.
    *Junsu is now a Musical Prodigy
    *Junsu nominated for Best New Actor in the 5th Musical Awards
    *Junsu becomes Musical Honorary Ambassodor.
    *Thanks to Yoochun again, Ripley has been exported to Japan for more than 2.3 million dollars.
    *Jaejoong will direct the “LG Rhythmic All Stars 2011 Gala” and will handle everything from the selection and the arrangement of music, stage effects, choreography, costumes, to styling. Jaejoong who is participating as director this time has displayed his skills as a stage director by taking on the role of the executive director of the “JYJ World Tour 2011” and such, and is becoming recognized in his abilities.
    *JYJ takes up whole page in V magazine Asian Issue
    -JYJ was among the Top 10 Highest Grossing Commercial Endorsement Stars of 2010 in South Korea.

    sorry very long comment hope u guys not being dizy after read of this long post….if that really happen to u i'm very really sorry (bow)

    • “even though they denied about this matter but those document get discovered”

      The proof of being a fool by following a big FOOL. Didn’t they know what hard-copy or copy-carbon mean?

    • and here List of JYJ Awards for 2011

      1) 7th Channel V Thailand Music Video Awards: Popular Asian Artist ==> The Beginning
      2) 2011 KBS Best Icon Award: Top Idol Star ==> In Heaven
      3) So-Loved Awards 2011:
      -Best Male Group ==> JYJ
      -Best Music Video ==> In Heaven
      -Best Album ==> In Heaven
      4) 47th Paeksang Arts Award:
      -Best New Actor; Popularity Award-Male ==> Yoochun Sungkyunkwan Scandal
      5) Seoul International Drama Awards: Asia Popularity Award; Drama Category-Best Actor ==> Yoochun Sungkyunkwan Scandal
      6) MBC Drama Awards: Best Newcomer ==> Yoochun Miss Ripley
      7) SBS Drama Awards: Best Newcomer ==> Jaejoong Protect the Boss
      8) 5th The Musical Award: Most Popular Actor ==> Junsu Tears of Heaven
      9) 17th Korea Musical Awards: Most Popular Actor ==> Junsu Tears of Heaven
      10) 3rd Asia Jewelry Awards: World KPOP Superstar Award ==> Junsu
      11) So-Loved Awards 2011: Best OST ==> Junsu Scent of a Woman OST
      12) So-Loved Awards 2011: Best Drama ==> Jaejoong Protect the Boss
      13) 2011 Most Beautiful Man in ASIA (as Chosen by China) ==> Jaejoong
      14) 2011 Most Sexiest Man in the World (Peruvian Magazine Privilege 2011) ==> Jaejoong
      15) Most Handsome Men of Asia (Singapore’s “My Paper”) ==> Jaejoong
      16) Number 1 Best Male Kpop group for JKN entertainment awards 2011 ==> JYJ
      17) Melon Best Album for September 2011 ==> JYJ In Heaven
      18) Most Favourite Male Artist in ASIA ==> Jaejoong
      19) KPOP Convention Hottest Male Artist Award 2011 in Philippine ==> Jaejoong
      20) 2011 Adieu! Winners of NeTV Gorealra Awards ==> Jaejoong for 10secs scene and Jaejoong with Namu Couple

      21) Korean Update Awards 2011:
      -Grand Prize award ==> JYJ
      -Best Male Group ==> JYJ
      -Best Album ==> In heaven
      -Song Of the year ==> In Heaven
      -Dance of the year ==> Get Out
      22) SoulBeats Best Album for 2011 ==> JYJ IN HEAVEN

      -In August 2011, JYJ were appointed Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Nations agency UNAIDS.] JYJ and UNAIDS launched a social media awareness campaign to combat HIV/AIDS discrimination via Twitter using the hashtag #LoveAlways.
      -JYJ is also the face of the “2011 Protecting Personal Identity Information Campaign” launched by Korea Communication Commission and the Korea Internet & Security Agency which was aggressively promoted on print, radio, television, and cinema ads.
      -JYJ are also outreach ambassadors for the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in their efforts at improving online youth culture and “creating schools without violence and [purposeful/bullying] exclusion.”
      -JYJ performed at the first annual Asian Dream Cup organized by Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-sung’s JS Foundation using their widespread popularity in Asia to help publicize the event. The proceeds of the charity match were donated to help sport development and support youth players in Vietnam as the JS foundation is seeking to expand its youth football development program and support cultural exchanges for football players around Asia. As a part of this event, JYJ also participated in the one day soccer clinic with young Vietnamese athletes and 15 other star Korean and Japanese footballers. Junsu played in the match as well.

      Okay i think it’s finish for now, but maybe there are still so lack for the information and once again i’m really sorry if after you read this very long list makes your head get dizzy (bow)

    • I just need to highlight this coz I find it really weird.
      “Even though JYJ get hit in Billboard and get some achievement in US but there are no Korean media who reported it at all”
      Isn’t Korean media is too overacting to such defeats like this? Why no report about that? I heard their international album sold well and as of today is the best seller of all their releases? This is enough proof that SM is actually behind all these!

      • I want to add this too..
        “*JJ being concert director. (First time for any idol)”
        He is not the first idol to do this concert directing at all.. In korea Hyun Joong does this too.. Other idols like in Japan are doing directing too.. (e.g. Jun of arashi)

      • @ nikhapi

        Because they care more about quantity than quality. SME will take any news about their artists from any medias that dare enough to publish anything related to JYJ.
        If they care about the quality (our JYJ), they would have done JYJ justice. But the quantity (the numbers of SME’s artists and cough@#money%&cough accepted have successfully won their heartless brains.

    • hi @miaw. i rarely comment here due to lack of time. but i’d also want to share and you might want to add to your list of obstacles that SM Entertainment sent a letter or some document to US headquarters of Warner Music. This was sometime in October 2010. Do check it out so you can add. So people would know what happened to The Beginning album…..and also, JYJ were on the cover of Billboard (US magazine). it was sold out then reprinted. I know coz I ordered it online. 🙂

      • ok i found it, thank you for the share ^^ (bow)
        -during october 29 2010 the pre order of Billboard magazines that JYJ has appeared as cover model was sold out -october 30 2010 JYJ became a cover model for Billboard magazine
        -on December 10, 2010 JYJ was ranked on the 5th of the album of the year chosen by the reader of the billboard magazines

  5. I read a tweet saying JYJ “Come On Over” Director’s Cut is sold out. Does someone know something about this?

    Also Sungkyunkwan Scandal is nominated in 2012 New York TV Festival news.nate.com/view/20120206n22488

  6. last night my father play bohemian rhapsody.and…………..OKAY I OFFICIALY I LIKE THIS ….QUEEN….too bad Freedie died…RIP Freeddi T_____T..i like his voice….i love queen performance T____T…i’m late

  7. Now that the family spamming with J-Pop and J-Rock and J-R&B and everything J-. We seriously need JYJ Japanese Album.

  8. Hi good morning!!
    Admins maybe it is the news :
    Yuchun’s drama SKKS made to the finalist of 2012 New York TV Festival ‘성균관스캔들’ 2012 뉴욕TV 페스티벌 결선 진출 http://news.zum.com/articles/1571778?c=06

    Results of gold, silver n broze dramas r decided in March. Ceremony will be held on April 17 in NAB Show in Las Vegas
    작성하신 글이 없습니다. 에서 작성된 글

  9. Thanks for all the J-pop vids! Just want to share a bit of what i’ve been listening to recently, EXILE:

    One of the 2 lead vocals Atsushi Sato. His voice is to-die-for! Check out his solo performance and the amazing crowd. I’m looking forward to the day when JYJ will be able to stand on such a stage in Japan:

    • @onlyJYJ
      THANK YOU! I usually don’t listen to other music besides JYJ/DBSK, and I’ve never heard of Exile before this. They’re amazing, esp. Atsushi’s voice. He’s as good as Jae/Su. I read Wiki about Exile but I’m still kinda confused…so he (and another guy) are vocalists and the rest sing backup/dance only? Which albums of theirs do you recommend, e.g. do they have a best hits like DBSK? Did you buy from HMV in SG? I bought Tohoshinki’s Complete A-side and B-side Singles Collections and those were good cos’ most of the repertoire is there.

      • @intoxicatedbyxiahtic
        I’m a relatively new fan and only started listening to them last year. Yup basically there are only 2 lead vocalists and the rest are dancers or sing backup. Try looking up their concert footages or MVs (their MVs are difficult to find though). The dancers are amazing, in fact I think they put some of the current Kpop dance groups to shame with their dance skills. I like the other vocalist Takahiro’s voice too, but I feel he lacks the charisma and stage presence of Atsushi. Unfortunately I’ve not bought any of their albums, I would love to but if I’m not wrong Avex distributes their music, and I don’t feel like giving my money to Avex 😦 A pity cos I really like EXILE enough to want to buy their albums.

  10. when Jaechunsu do something really amazing in other country Kmedia always said Halyuu wave here and there it’s really makes me want put or bring a big banner which said JAEJOONG +JUNSU + YOOCHUN= JYJWAVE or something like that and showed it to those people
    i’m really happy if there are any JYJ fans want to that when they attend JYJ concert and when the media came to report that concert the fans just hold that banners till those words get capture perfectly on any media who report it

  11. @all,, thanks for the videos uploaded, great songs from British, Japan. etc.. Please let me join the convo, just wanna share a song from a quite unique band from Japan. They keep their identity (faces) unrevealed yet, the reason is because they want to concentrate on their study as a medical university student.. LOL.. What I like from them is their MV’s mostly are very unique,,,very heart-touching sometimes, as this one… “Kiseki” from GreeeeN ^__^

  12. One of my friend introduce this Japan rock band to me…they all wearing woman cloth and dress…so interesting..just wanna share to all of you~~~I heard this band quite popular..they have perform in many country including London and Brazil~~

  13. Dear JYJers, thank you for sharing some of your fav songs today. You’ve opened my eyes and ears. I find the talent, creativity and passion of these musicians so inspiring. This is real music that really puts profit-driven SM crap (and some other kpop) like Mr Simple and The Boys to shame.
    I know very little J-pop besides Toho, but here are my little contributions

    And I like this song from DBSK’s Tri-angle album, it has a boyband feel but the harmonisation, voices and the overall song are good.

  14. guys a very very nonrelated question : is INSA written by jj himself ? ( you know the milioner’s first love ost )

  15. hey there were some girls asking about the girl in the red jacket who kissed Jaejoong right

    mute the demon i mean the audio sounds like a demon talking though am not so sure never spoke with a demon before so am not really sure about the sound, but it could be just a glitch in the audio stream though u can’t even hear the fans clear so i guess it is a glitch not a demon eating while talking

    here’s the link if u hadn’t had noticed earlier

    at 4:36 she kisses him she’s the girl in the red jacket notice how she shyly leans in to grabe the chance to kiss his cheek and how he shyly hesitates aww i bet he wasn’t expecting that i really think they are both cute at that moment

      • he didn’t expected it at first but then he seemed like should i or shouldn’t this is so embarrassing he must have been shy about it after it happened but yeah he really did flinch at first but went on with it in the end.

    • @Ellis

      How are you doing with the cold snap freezing across Europe? Since you’re here posting, I assume you guys are all good? *hugs you*

      • @Sapphire @Anva
        It’s a century since I found you online!
        Dear, I’m freezing. This morning it was so cold (-19°C.) and in my office the heating was not working. It was turn on only at 9.30, after it had been switched off since Friday.
        I hope I don’t get sick because of my stupid co-worker (the one in charge of manteinance service)! It’s 10.30 pm here and I’m still shivering. Dumb man!!!
        In my city there aren’t problems as in Rome or in other Italian region but this sudden temperature change… Winter was really missing until last week. We had +15° just last Wednesday and it wasn’t normal for a mountain region as mine! But now it’s excessive!
        *bear hugs (so warm!!!)*

      • Oh God…. -19???? I can’t even imagine. It’s supposed to be summer here, but I’ve still got the heater on!! *bear hugs back at you*

      • Then where is the Global Warming? Only in Antartic area?? ( ̄(エ) ̄)?
        I think this summer will be hot as hell to balance the Siberian climate these days…

      • @Ellis…-19 and no heat…..O my god…you will get sick…sis…put everything can cover you..even winter jacket inside office…try some coffee or anything warm…dum man!!
        yes, I heard that to from my Germany friend…really cold now in EU…In my province ..winter this year so far like a joke…still can see glass ( suppose this time storm and snow over tree and at least -10 up) ..becarefull sis!!!

      • @Anva
        I drank hectolitre of tea and coffee to warm me up! And I had to do my work wearing my coat and scarf. Ridicolous!
        Customers were dazed we were working in such uncomfortable conditions!
        And here in Italy people talk about absenteeism in pubblic offices… Grrrr!!
        \(`〇´ )!( `□´)/!└( `・´ )┘

      • hello ellis, did miyavi act in a movie i swears i saw him in a weird movie kinda about metaphysics but am not sure really i just assumed dat since there were no subtitles and the kid might have been miyavi and miyavi was interacting with his child self i saw it like maybe three or four years ago maybe five : D

      • Yes, he starred in a movie about his own life (Oresama) He was time travelling in his past and the plot was exactly what you told. It wasn’t so good, somewhat weird.
        Only a crazy fan can say he can act! I’m a real co-Miyavi but I’m being honest!!

      • @ Ellis

        lol i think i was too obsorbed in his looks to mind his acting i like weird boring movies i find them exciting : P but it wasn’t boring enough , wow i got that much right without subtitles kekekeke and yeah Oresama that was the name of it so we are talking about the same movie after all. his fingers are crazy when he plays with that guitar of his awesome guitarist

      • wow ellis this miyavi feat with sugizo ” i don’t know sugizo really ” is really awesome song love ^^ thank u for posting it

      • X Japan made J-Rock history! You’re right, they’re ballads are deep and emotional…

        Yoshiki has a classical music background and you can hear it in his songs. He plays his piano with magical skills and he rocks when playing drums. I can’t decide which I prefer!

      • squishy hugs u , i looooooooooove this song

        yeah the whole band are right together but Yoshiki’s piano play i definitely choose it cause i love the piano and its like the language of his heart, man this song makes me cry x Japan are my first Japanese band i’ve been in love with, but at my time there wasn’t Youtube , u see someone gave me a number of Japanese music CD’s i got to know ayumi hamasaki, utada, speed, and a lot of J Rock including larc A del something ” up till now i can’t pronounce them right ” though i love them and they are my second favorite but i found X Japan and they stuck in my head most from that set, was there a song called endless love i believe was the first i heard to and then i came across this song man made me cry so hard i used to sing the english part ” let me forget all of the hate all of the sadness ” it all i understood and i felt the song connect to me before that part it was an overwhelming song never heard music like that before but hey i was a kid back then, but man i still cry when i hear this song right now its playing and i’m spilling tears. i never heard any music other than the set given to me,am glad i share X-japan with someone ells, later in life with the tube and all i did come to realize i wasn’t the only one who thought they are a legend. thanks Ellis squishy hugz u .

      • Forever love yeah that’s the first X-Japan song i heard but endless Rain is my best favorites aww thank u X-Japan and thank u Ellis for reminding me

  16. do my eyes deceive me O.O

    … Sapphire, is that u #.# ” runs towards Sapphire and squishy hugz her ” how are Sapphire #u# long time no see , biggy missed it its really hard to catch u, glad ur here now though. did u see this picture

    whos the guyish lady next to Jae he looks comfortable around her are they friends ???

    this song is for u cause it sounds nostalgic and i missed u and flutter

    welcome back Sapphire baby @u@

    • I read your question before it was deleted (I don’t think it deserved deletion btw) and I think the answer is simply that some fans are better organised than others. They keep tweeting at certain hours for a certain time, and it shows in the trends. Our bunch is sadly not that well organised.

      • We don’t need to have a comparative analysis between Jae and that other guy (of all people why him?) just to prove Jae’s popularity and that’s what her post is all about so maybe that’s why it’s deleted.

      • Comparative analysis? No one was attempting to write that. Just a comparison, to illustrate a good point (a point which I wondered myself when I looked at the trends). I have enough faith in JYJ3 members to believe that a mere mention of a TVXQ member won’t create an out-of-control fanwar.

      • @deljoon I know… We, JYJ fans, are actually big that’s why I find it hard to believe that on his bday, he didn’t trend for hours in twitter. Not that it’s a big deal but JJ is so active in twitter. I wonder why until now JYJ haven’t established their own fandom name or open a registration for their official fandom?

      • they could have posted a correction and leave her comment untouched : / not cool move admin u better not dare delete my posts or i’ll come back with a different name : P ” whyz i feels am goinna get scolded real bad this time : P “

      • I didn’t think her post was bad, but hey, let’s give Admin a break. With all the crap they’ve had to put up with lately from trolls invading, I don’t blame them for wanting to kill a conversation before it starts.

      • @Pierrot….Her comment not bad and she did say admins can delete if the comment should not post…and Admins deleted it I think just careful not invite some other headache…That is enough for last few day…Time to enjoy and have fun with our boys ^__^

      • “P ” whyz i feels am goinna get scolded real bad this time : P “”…..if you dont start…LOLLLLL I am die to laugh because of you..i got enough too ok….good nigh everyone ^___^

      • @ Pierrot

        Why are u threatening admin that way?
        My post was deleted once but I was okay with that. I didn’t go on with bashing admin or anyone here.

        My comment for nikhapi was mere curiousity, because I had no idea what the content was about. Admin can surely be over protective about JYJ, but it is admin’s total right to do so.

        Just be cool about it….will we?


      • @ Pierrot

        Oh…that B2ST thing.

        my dear, you actually started the B2ST thing with wrong info about the group. It caused an irritated fans to respond to you, quite a strong comment she made, but I think she just wanted to tell you that you need to gather your info before you can actually comment about something.

        Admins sometimes delete the whole post but sometimes deleted only comments they consider inappropriate. They did that to me too.
        And since it was deleted, no one is to understand it, because it is already inappropriate.
        Admin does not need anyone permission to delete any comments. It is part of the regulations.

        If you do not want your comments to be deleted by Admin, just refrain yourself to what the regulations tell you.
        Why don’t you read them again. You have nothing to lose by doing it.


      • Sorry guys for stirring something here in JYJ3. Thanks for deleting and please forgive me if I ask innocent question like that! Let’s all be in peace ok? JYJ fighting!

      • @ Jae-is-Mine My question is just for plain curiosity but I guess some are affected by it. I’m cool with the admin deleting my comment as I even suggested it to be deleted if it’s wrong to ask questions like that. I would probably be careful now with the things I’m commenting here…. cheers!

      • @ nikhapi

        Admin deleted mine once too, for more or less about the same with yours.


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