[OTHER TWITTER] 120212 Park Chanjong tweeted about JYJ


[TRANS] JYJ’s documentary “The Day” which is scheduled to be shown in 20 CGV theatres on Feb. 9 has fallen through. Fans’ desire to see JYJ has been dashed. JYJ expressed that they know they cannot sing after separating from SM and they are happy even though they can only perform on overseas stages.. JYJ should be freed.

Source: @parkchanjong
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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37 thoughts on “[OTHER TWITTER] 120212 Park Chanjong tweeted about JYJ

    • I wonder if anyone important in Korea can actually say something like “Damn you SM! You should be embarrassed of yourself. Stop cockblocking JYJ and live your life like normal people!”

      It must be fun if anyone is actually dare to openly accuse SM.

  1. “JYJ should be freed”
    SM Entertainment, why don’t you let it go? How much $$ and time do you wanna lose because of that-stupid act of yours?

  2. My respects to you Mr Park Chanjong and hope your words are heard and our JYJ will be free to chow their talent without anyone or anything being in their way!

  3. i think sm knows that if they let JYJ do normal activities
    then sm puppet are not going to have a chance
    if that is not the reason then what is ?
    what is that make him want to lose his money and pride ?
    to me i think lsm Like a child who has lost his dolls and crying because he wants them to return to him

  4. LSM/SM Ent. is shit scared of JYJ’s talents, passion for their craft and of course, devoted fans. JYJ3 can do so much more than all SM Ent. and other big agencies’ talents combined. I am certain that God sees all. I believe in karma. I trust that everything happens for a reason. So… JYJ3 — hang in there. JYJ3 fans — let’s keep faith in Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu.

  5. Thank You Mr Park Chanjong for always standing up for JYJ!
    Its our greatest wish to see JYJ perform freely in their beloved country!
    We demand Freedom for JYJ!

  6. SM will see, they just waste their time n money. no matter where it is, as long as JYJ still sing, there still be fans listen to them, travel from country to country to see them and send their support through all the distance to them

  7. like always Lawyer Park Chan Jong thank u very much for always speak our boys situation
    even though it doesn’t changes any situation that our boys have but from bottom my heart i really felt grateful that there are someone who like you, someone who always give support to our boys
    thank u so much (bow)

  8. I wonder, are his tweets having any impact?
    When is the court going to finalize the case? This has taken way too long. Ridiculously so. Is the courts’ palm being oiled to delay the case as long as they can? 3 years is too long to decide whether a contract is valid or not.
    At least after they win the lawsuit they can work freely in other countries (Japan and US) without any issues. I still have no hopes for the Korean intertainment industry even after JYJ wins the court suit. They are still being fed by SME.

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