[TWITTER] 120213 Jaejoong Twitter Update


[TRANS] Growing older makes me anxious. It scares me that time passes by quickly. And the days we couldn’t meet are increasing. I don’t like it that I’m getting farther and farther from my youth. I hate myself who thinks about these things..the feeling that I hate the most is that uneasy feeling of maybe not knowing that feeling of distance.


[TRANS] I don’t know what I’m saying but..today..I feel a lot of complex emotions. I don’t want to say that I’m living life just by breathig alone. I have to work hard. I must try hard.

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Translated by: @Joejjang
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      • @ Ngoc Ha

        Hahahaha…..I will lick it from his eyes if so….

        Need my bath and sleep now…(taking JJ with)

    • Darling JJ…dearest darling JJ,

      You are not old. You are far from ugly. You are the most beautiful creature created with so many talents. Young, beautiful and talented. You have JYJ and JYJers.

      Work hard darling, for you love it most, but be happy. Don’t detest yourself for you are an amazing person.

      Okay….finally…get a girlfriend. It will surely put me into my sudden death, but I think having a girlfriend might cheer your life up. Don’t worry about me. I used to dying since I knew you….

      Love u,
      Jeasmine Jones.

    • Personally I think he is just pondering deeply about his life, career and if his accomplishments have amounted to his dreams or goals that he had. I mean its normal to think like this when you are in your 20s and up well at least I think it is because I also have the same thoughts as him. There are just days when you wonder just what the purpose of one’s life is and if we are accomplishing/doing all we can…..Also the sense that time is moving fast and we aren’t moving fast enough but at the same time we don’t wish to lose that younger part of ourselves…. Ah its just normal thoughts that I am sure everyone will have during their lifetime ^_^

  1. This is proof that stars want more in life than fame , money and love from fans ! I hope he’s ok ……..this is going to wake up hibernating Yunjae fans sigh

    • then don’t start and don’t wake them up. why is of all the first place you’re thinking about is Yunjae? What? Is his tweet is too Yunjae obvious?

      • Oh I think Jae cares if the Yunjae fan is HIS fan. Because of the fact that he always care about HIS fan.
        I don’t know the meaning behind his tweets, whether its Yunjae/Avex/Cjes/whatever and I don’t know that Japan is JYJ’s 2nd home. I don’t wish to depend my judgement based on the other reader that you’ve mention unless Jae himself states the fact.

        Sorry guys, but i’m just tired of people jumping into conclusion and act like they live in our idols brain. We do have our own opinion, judgement and interpretation so please vocal it out in the best manner possible. I’m saying this and i might also act like one. For that, i’m truly sorry.

      • Well, for a start, maybe those delusional shipper fans should START caring FOR him instead.
        What they do, is only about what they themselves want and feel.
        If they are really his fans, they should STOP imposing their ideas on him.

        Anyway, I really don’t wanna talk about these kinda stuff in JYJ3.

  2. baby jae is sad *worry* *worry* *worry* probably will be a sleepless night for me T_T
    jae, no matter what, we’re here…always will..so please be happy 😦
    despite working hard, please give urself some break 😦

  3. Jae-ah When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile
    Jae fighting!
    JYJ forever!!!
    JYJ fighting!!!

  4. btw , think its past midnight in several parts of the world …….Here’s wishing a happy Valentine’s day to whoever believes and celebrates it ! JYJ ❤

  5. I will pray for Jae and for his life to soon be at peace with what he deserves, he needs his soulmate too, not just fans or friends but that someone that makes it right when it’s wrong. I’m not greedy and in denial, he is a human being and like most of us he wants a real life filled with love and someone to share his worst and best!

  6. “I need to work hard… must work hard… ” <—– OMO, then what am I doing in my life? Someone like JJ thinks he needs to work harder, then I must work harder and harder and harder and harder x1000… aigoo.

    • The Avex side brief has the following description.
      It is an opinion by the side of Cjes. “Avex did not perform management business of JYJ from July, 2010 to February, 2011 after half a year.
      It is opposed to the opinion that the contract was canceled by this default on an obligation”, head-on.
      (Avex side brief)
      Receive “existence of (1) “release cause.”
      As opposed to A “failure of this business” (omitted)

      Since the schedule was already buried with the activity in the United States and South Korea of JYJ (second 25), it was impossible to have carried out management business in Japan.
      On the other hand, Avex is making JYJ participate in “a-nation’10” and is carrying out management business in August of the same year.
      And considering it having been that Avex released the activity pause of JYJ on September [ of the same year ] 16, it is in September of the same year and afterwards that Avex has stopped the management business of JYJ based on this monopoly contract, and the opinion of Cjes which considers this as July or subsequent ones of the same year is impropriety. ”

      If a court accepts the opinion of this Avex, the JYJ public performance in Ryogoku Kokugikan with Cjes and a rucksack, etc. may be “breaching a contract.”

      The Cjes side claims “, for Avex, it is in July to have stopped the management business of JYJ “for it to be substantial”.”
      Because participation of “a-nation’10” was that it was already decided that it would be quite a front and the subsequent management plan was a blank paper to be sure.
      A court is how to interpret and judge the “plan” of management business, and the timing difference of “execution.”
      Moreover, also as follows, Avex claims.

      (Avex side brief)
      “Existence of a A. “release cause and the absence of a saving provision” are received (omitted).
      However, the thing for which Avex stopped the management business about artist activity of JYJ temporarily as 7 pages of Avex briefs (1) described, If it is not what agrees with the meaning of the consignment in this monopoly contract, and constitutes breach of a contract in any way at all, since the “saving provision” which accepts stopping fulfillment of a this monopoly contract in the letter and this business does not exist at all, the opinion

      @mayupi0510 of Cjes which presupposes that it is unjustifiable of stopping fulfillment of this business is impropriety. ”

      It is a fact “which the “saving provision” which accepts stopping fulfillment of a this monopoly contract in the letter and this business does not exist” as Avex claims.
      however — although a moral problem is not passed over just because there is no saving provision in a contract.
      On the other hand, what kind of re-counterargument does the Cjes side take out?
      The trial date is February 13 next time.

    • never mention someone not part of JYJ band , don’t u know how much hurt Jae has in his eyes when someone hold him back from moving on, damn maybe its u younjae’ers who got Jaejoong depressed for all we know shoving a backstabbing x-friend into his face whenever its supposed to be about him, why shadow him with another person , damn sm created u people cause they know u don’t care about the artist feelings u only care about their beauty. now i get why Jae fears losing his beauty, cause people like u only support him for his face not his humanity talent and very own recognition of him as an independent successful individual. GET IT THROUGH UR HEAD THERE IS ONLY JAEJOONG JUNSU AND YOOCHUN IN JYJ , U WANT TO ASSOCIATE SICK FANTASY DO IT IN FANFICTION BUT NOT TO JAE’S FACE OR US HIS REAL FANS. ” but i’m really Junsu bias : P ” it is just no one deserves to be treated like that, damn just look at his eyes when he hears that name look at the hurt , no look at the worry every time he wants to go on stage to sing he worries about hearing fans cheering someone ells instead of him, you want to know what yunho did to jae, he said jae is wrong and went behind his back with this law suit that jae is someone who bites the hand that feeds him that jae never calls him. go to yunho u, there is no room for him to stand with Jae or JYJ. yunjaers get lost don’t be a fan if ur going to hurt Jaejoong, a JYJ member , tut hat has no yunho in it period never was a yunho and never will be yunho ever. who is yunho ??? i don’t know but sure pisses me off u mention him to Jae’s face know why cause it was Jae that staged directed JYJ concerts and Jae taking care of Junsu and Yoochun, and there is no existence of yunho in a JYJ band, that’s a singer of another band stop getting confused.

      i used to say its everyone’s right to have a fantasy but i did say there are websites for that and that it must only remain in those sites not come out in real life. don’t do that please i am begging u never let Jae Junsu and Yoochun hear the name of pain don’t hurt them like that if u really care about their feelings. try to understand our anger about this and damn i thought i was open minded but i am as long as u know ur limits, go bask in some specialized website for that thing, one Jae won’t hear or know about for the sake of his heart.

      • Okay, I understand your anger on yunjae fans( I find them rather annoying too) But you don’t have to go and bash yunho. UGH, JYJ stans couldn’t be more of a hypocrite. “Try to understand our anger about this…..” “GET IT THROUGH UR HEAD THERE IS ONLY JAEJOONG JUNSU AND YOOCHUN IN JYJ” WHY DON’T JYJ FANS GET IT THROUGH THEIR DAMN HEADS ? Go to any TVXQ2 video, almost all of the comments are either JYJ stans bashing on TVXQ or JYJ stans/OT5’ers saying “They’re just not complete without the other 3…” etc. But on JYJ videos, its actually about jyj. HMMM, I WONDER WHY THAT IS. I dont know, maybe cos JYJ fans are so immature. I know some tvxq fans bash on jyj and not all jyj fans bash on homin but overall, the hate MAINLY comes from JYJ fans.

        “you want to know what yunho did to jae, he said jae is wrong and went behind his back with this law suit that jae is someone who bites the hand that feeds him that jae never calls him.”


        I love and respect JYJ, I’m actually more biased towards them, but jyj fans piss me off. I understand why you guys are angry, but wasn’t this about yunjae SHIPPERS ? Why’d you have to go and bash yunho ? I mean it, send me the link to when yunho was saying all those things about jaejoong.

        I love both groups, and whenever someone bashes JYJ, I will defend them. Same goes for TVXQ, I’ll defend them.

      • he did not say excatly jaejoong name. but its true that he say those thing about jyj. you can search homin interview when they first come back with keep your head down. furing some newspaper interview. he and cm say what jyj do is wrong and ask them to come back. even call them goose. YH say that he has no idea about the lawsuit. and he even say ha has not receive any phone call from jj. then jj angry and tweet on his twitter about ” i will call you myself now” you can check some news about it.

      • For your last statement, I wish you could just stay in an OT5 biased site so nobody will bash anybody as such you will not spend your precious time to act as a defense lawyer. I understand @Pierrot should just not mention that “holy name” but I think she is just provoked with that YJ comments and it connects to the person crazily attached to Jaejoong. As far as I know, we in JYJ3 never want to talk or even avoiding to mention that name. You surely is a Yunho bias since you can’t let such statement to just pass by and you’re asking for a further arguments and proof to clean his image. I suggest to @Pierrot to not go on further discussion so as to keep JYJ3 clean , I don’t want this site to be littered by JYJ’s EX-GROUPMATE names.

      • @popoxseng
        Not in defense of anybody, just replying to a few points in your post.

        “JYJ stans couldn’t be more of a hypocrite”
        –> Well, JYJ stans ARE JYJ bias. Fact!
        And by coming to a JYJ fansite to bash all JYJ stans, surely you wouldn’t be so naive to think JYJ fans are gonna see your point of views…

        –> I don’t really know what you’re trying to say here but we JYJ fans have always know that JYJ only consist of 3 amazing guys. So our “DAMN HEADS” are actually very clear. Perhaps you may wanna ask your question in an OT5 site for them to understand that JYJ = JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu only!

        “Go to any TVXQ2 video, almost all of the comments are either JYJ stans bashing on TVXQ or JYJ stans/OT5′ers saying “They’re just not complete without the other 3…” etc. But on JYJ videos, its actually about jyj.”
        –> Is that so? From what I know, JYJ fans DO NOT even bother about the other side much less wasting our time watching their videos. (Harsh facts) So why would we even wanna post any comments there…. And when I actually view videos of JYJ, I actually DO SEE the kind of comments you state. Eg: JYJ is not complete w/o HM. Oh JYJ sing well but I still love TVXQ5…JYJ should return to SM… blah blah blah”

        “I dont know, maybe cos JYJ fans are so immature. I know some tvxq fans bash on jyj and not all jyj fans bash on homin but overall, the hate MAINLY comes from JYJ fans”
        –> I can only LOL at this. The hate mainly comes from JYJ fans? ROFL~ tell me you as a HM fan didn’t visit sites that are SPECIFICALLY created to spread bad rumors about JYJ. Or people opening twitter accounts just to bash JaeChunSu. You are wearing heavily tainted glasses, my little gal.

        –> Granted your holy one did not specifically say exactly that. But he did say he did not know JCS are suing SM. He implied in his interviews that JCS’s heads are turned due to the success they had in TVXQ.
        But you wouldn’t know that, would you? For you would have once again read ‘sugar-coated” translations of HM’s interviews in OT5 sites. Or that you just cannot register the clear fact that HM actually did say bad things about JYJ, exactly like what many of the ot5s are.

        “I love both groups, and whenever someone bashes JYJ, I will defend them. Same goes for TVXQ, I’ll defend them.”
        –> Then save yourself the trouble of coming to a JYJ bias site. Then you wouldn’t need to do all that. 🙂

      • Uhhhmmmmm…..sweet adminies…..Can you please take care of this?
        I didn’t see it yesterday. Got it just now. Do you really think it is necessary to have such comment on JYJ3? She didn’t even bother to complete herself with information before serving the tea here..

        I would love to entertain her with my information, but I think it is rather useless.

        So Adminies…..Can you?

      • okay, this is stupid of me to apologize now but I really I am sorry. It’s just, yunho is my ULTIMATE bias, and i’ve been reading a lot of hate comments lately directed towards him so when pierrot called him a backstabber and all that, it kinda triggered something and i got all defensive. And I just had to vent it all out on here, I know it was childish and i know this is NOT the place for me to vent so sorry, it won’t happen again. After reading my comment again with a clear head, i realized how stupid I sound. I really do take back all the things i said on how jyj fans are immature and that they’re the one causing all the hate and yada yada. So yeah, what I’m saying is, I really didn’t mean anything I said in my post, i was just saying a bunch of non sense idiotic things. I really do love JYJ tho. (Junsu is my second bias)

      • First of all .. hi to all wonderful JYJers here ..
        this’s my fisrt comment here ..
        I just want to say … I agreed with pierrot
        and yunjae shipper.. please, please don’t hurt JJ anymore ..
        please be strong JJ, WE LOVE YOU

  7. maybe he’s worried of not meeting fans often i guess = drifting hearts apart… especially Bigeast since he tweeted in Japanese.
    poor Jae… he worries too much… When will he realize that we are still here and not drifting apart from him. We need to boost his confidence up.
    If Jae has weakness that is being so humble and grounded..
    we need to cheer him up :/

    • agree^^he concern that he cannot always meet japanese fan and they will turn to support other stars, so worry about the siuation he faced^^

  8. i really worried about him
    he is human being how surrounding by alot of fans and staff all the time
    he dont have time for him to find love and have great time with the girl he will love,
    dear jj be strong

  9. he tweets in japanese maybe personally he’s not sad but so sorry for his fans in Japan whom he cannot met so he feels that it seems they are growing apart…. he should have known about the current support project of their fans and felt their longing to see him/them perform in Japan… me too love to hear JJ speaks and sing in japanese sighhh

  10. JJ..When you are sad, we will feel sad together with you. You are human and humans have insecurities and need assurance at times. No matter what, we will still love you the same if not more. Saraghae JJ!

  11. I understand you, JJ, you want to be active…

    You know that we all support you whatever or however,

    but it does not ease your feeling…..

    You would like to have maybe a piece of confirmation that you live

    an active life, and want to be self-convinced that you live your life….

    What can we do for you…JJ…

  12. *sigh* It’s ok to feel sad sometimes. It’s ok. We all experienced sadness and it’s inevitable.

    But, my dear Jae. You must to go on.
    There may be things and persons that wont be in your life anymore, but you still have us, you still have your JYJ members and you have many great things you have conquered so far.

    I know that, right now the situation you are in is difficult, but this won’t last forever. Don’t let this stop you.

    We love you! ❤

  13. Himnesaeyo jaejoong oppa :3
    Your fans beside you forever 🙂
    Your life is your fans inspiration 🙂
    You have meaningful life jaejae 🙂
    stand still for your family 🙂
    Go go jaejae

  14. Strange, I have been playing “Nine” all day. I woke up this morning getting ready for work and this song has been in my head all morning. So I have it on repeat on youtube at my desk. I feel sad today too. My heart is heavy.

  15. *sigh* it’s okay for someone being sad sometimes. since Jaejoong also a human…but I just can’t stand to see him sad 😦
    I hope he can find someone that he can rely on, that can cheer him up.
    we always with you, Jaejoong, although we are thousand miles apart from you
    but our love never change! our heart belongs to you! please stay healthy, please be happy, forever…

  16. He needs a girlfriend —->potential marriage partner——> potential mother of his children, who will give him something to live for. That’s all.

  17. Aw honestly I think these are thoughts most people have when they are “in” their career and at that point in life when time seems to pass faster then we wish for it too. To want a “purpose” or “meaning” in one’s life is natural for all people because at the end of the day don’t we all wish to have someone or something to life for, not just work or money? This is why don’t think we should be too worried about Jaejoong cause knowing his strength and he “will” find the answers to his questions in time. I love how this just shows us how “normal” he is, having similar worries like us.

    PS: I have just one advise for him, don’t think about it too much Jae, cause the answer is probably closer then it seems and time no matter how fast it moves just makes the moments we experience more precious which I am sure you know better then most people.

    “As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You’ll have your heart broken and you’ll break others’ hearts. You’ll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you’ll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you’ve never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don’t be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.” -Unknown

    • I totally agree with you! The whole world is pretty much caught up with youthfulness and ageism is rampant. While perhaps existential in nature, I do not know one single person who does not experience some kind of fear of aging that’s not amplified by such cultural “norms”, let alone the fact his business environment is probably the worst of them all.

      However, I find that KJJ’s journey of exploring what truly is timelessness inside himself inspiring for so many of us, right down to these truly honest and transparent tweets. I honestly view these tweets of his as rather proof that he’s maturing and integrating all parts of himself (how many of us are able to be so open about our insecurities? in front of millions? what a strength IMO). I love that he’s got such range: one minutes he tweets such funny images of the 5-times-wrapped doll, the next he tweets his little diaries, KJJ style, letting us in on his productivity as well as brotherly love, and now, tapping straight into the deeper parts of the human psyche around aging and purpose of life…..I really think this boy’s rather living his life full full full of what truly matters.

  18. i hope the two next song he writes is in japanese… i was surprised he wrote in japanese again so im thinking it has something to do with their japanese activities. so i hope he would be able to write something beautiful in japanese and feel tht he has acomplished a way to convey his feelings to the j-fans more thn the usual tweets. i feel for him… at this point in their career, he knows where they should be, what they could be doing, as well as the hurdles they face. so frustration sets in anytime, like now. he wants to do more and he knows he can do more, but he feels be doesnt have enough time. i hope he just takes it easy and yoosu can ease some of his anxiety.

  19. I get so worried when he is in such sad states 😦
    I just wish is something not relevant and it will pass soon, because seriously I don’t want him to be in a chronic depressive state 😦
    I get really worried, I don’t want him to feel like this!

  20. First Yuchun, now JJ…
    I don’t know if you are expressing frustration over activities or if you are worried that you are unable to reach fans, I really hope you are not growing tired of the obstacles and I am praying it’s not JYJ that you feel are growing apart.
    There is some kind of magic in JYJ, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know how to describe it. I’ve never been enamored by any singer or actor or group before. It’s new for me and I often wonder why JYJ touches me in a way no one ever had before.
    Perhaps it’s your music that transcends language and ethnic barriers and speaks so plainly to the soul. Perhaps it’s your brotherhood that’s so full of warmth and joy. Perhaps it’s the struggles you guys fight through, never letting an obstacle stop your flow.
    Please know that you guys are doing great things, and that we hear you, we see you, we love you and we support you. JYJ fighting!

  21. to the one who replied to me: i cnt see ur name in my little cellphone screen, sorry…
    i know the thing abt avex. but having tht problem is not wht can prevent jae or jyj from writing and singing plus releasing their own songs in japanese. im talking abt new songs, not the ones they had under avex… so yeah… i’m outa here…

  22. He sounds like he is having a sad day. I hope he cheers up soon because I do not like him being so sad. However, all humans have their sad moments it is normal.

    • Also, I too think that maybe he is feeling sad that he feels like he is not doing enough for his fans. Since he wrote in Japanese, he probably is reffering to his fans in Japan. He knows that they love him so much and wants him to perform there. He wants to be able to do activities in Japan to show his appreciation. He is thinking that time continues to pass by that his fans may grow apart from him. I really hope things turn out to be in JYJ favor when the lawsuit between them and Avex is settled.

  23. I can understand JJ’s frustration. He was so loved by the Japanese fan but can’t have activities in Japan really depress him. While his other members are active in their own project, that make him feel worthless. I really hope he has some closed friends to guide
    him or even a counselor will do. I wish he will have some project offered for him soon. I can not understand why he is not as popular in Korea. JJ fighting!

    • I think there are always projects offered for him…..he’s also very productive in creating new songs and such. I think it rather brave that he chooses to be so open about his vulnerability….probably what makes him such a creative person,too…..the way he’s able to tap into the human heart, including his own. All the members take turn to have their own individual projects. While I am sure it makes for inspirations for one another, I don’t think it necessarily leads to feelings of worthlessness, although worthlessness is certainly a very important and precious part of the human experiences as well: it’s often times the entry way to self love, since the wound is where the light enters, too.

      Sometimes, great things come to those who wait. As much as I miss JJ and want to see him doing more more more, I’d have to say that I am actually happy that he’s taking time to marinate (and post such heartfelt and open tweets) and not rush into one project after another, (especially for a creative type like him….open space I imagine will be very helpful).

      Plus, he just went to Turkey and met two presidents. 🙂

      Honestly, as much as it pains me to see the slightest hint of sadness from JJ, tweets like these are precisely part of the very reason why I love him so. He’s modeling for so many the power of emotional honesty and vulnerability. I really honor, value, and admire this particular quality of his. I think it’s much, much, much needed, especially in Asian countries where traditionally being stoic is considered heroic. His ability to open up (it is a risk when the culture considers emotinoal expressions being weak) is modeling such a different way of being and therefore making so much more room for others to do the same if they so choose. And the best part: I don’t think he’s even trying to have such an impact. He’s just brave enough to be himself, in front of millions.

      KJJ I LOVE YOU!!!! (Inevitably I arrive here….)

  24. I can’t go to twitter but I got notifications of his tweets on my phone and I thought yaaay Jaejae is happy he’s been tweeting a lot lately. DX This was NOT what I expected TT___TT Anyway fighting JJ, focus on what you do best and the rest will make sense eventually (^____^)/ And I love how he felt comfortable enough to share this with us :DDD
    Helloww to all my unnies noonas and owners xD <3333

  25. Dear Jae Joong,man will not grow old,they are only more sexy as they age,so not to worry about your face .Your fans are getting old with you. We have the same thoughts in life.But our hearts will never leave you.To us,you are forever our Hero,our role model,we look after you.

  26. Jae, i might not fully understand your feelings about standing on stage in Japan but at least i can grasp a little on it. J-fans accepted and love you for what you really are as Jejung/Jaejoong, and not the created character.

    “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

    i understand your anxiety over time passes, i understand your frustrations. just don’t let it take over you or you might lose your objectives. Don’t be in a hurry or you might fall hard. Focus on your available weapons today and do your best as always.

    And remember to Always Keep Your Faiths and Principles, coz I too, never cease believing in them.
    I’ll be waiting for your smiles again. 🙂

  27. I think his afraid coz it’s getting close to the day when he must go for military servis and untill this day all of them still can’t perform in TV. but Kim jaejoong are perform in your TV country is the everything coz when you saw the other idol they even more choose perform in france, that david L show, etc other country TV show, now they following your step, be proud of that.

  28. Whatever problem you had, face it with your big heart and courage Jaejoong. Cause you’re strong inside out. We love you Kim Jaejoong.

  29. Jeje…in the emo mode today….. 😥
    Hope his two little brothers…..cheer his hyung up…..^^
    Wonder why he is in emo mode again….@_@
    Since his tweets is in jp….is it for his jp fans???
    They done that hummer limo last week….may b that news reach him n got emo again…. 😥
    Well….didn’t know what on his mind….hmmm
    Hope he cheers up soon……
    JYJ fighting!!!!!
    Jaejoong fighting!!!!!!!

  30. awww what a depressed day. really hurt to see JJ like this, but this is makes me love him more, to know this precious angel can fragile too. just like 2 side coins, he show his sadness but the other side he is brave to be honest, this is what i want, being your self, honest. not pretending to build “perfect” image. Don’t worry JJ, there’s always a day like this, take a break from what you do, or pour your feeling on new song. enjoy your self, take million selcam, headup and see …. your fans always around you no matter what. take journey that you afraid to go … even military service wont make you lose your fans. you’ll always be loved. JYJ is love.

  31. For this occasion, I’m going to share something I wrote for JJ on twitter for the record. It’s a bit personal, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt and it’s something I’m sure most of you can appreciate. I can only hope that he sees it:
    Jejung, I’m really sorry for being so late. I was thinking about you since this morning. I wish I could do more for you… But, if you’ll give me the permission, I would like to tell you something if you please. First of all, I can’t give you a reason for living as it’s not my place to decide. However, I want you to know that you are my reason for living if that’s not too much to say. I might have told you these kinds of things before, but you are my most important person… Moreover, my affection that is only for you is deeper than any deep ocean and I adore you to the point as if it shines with the strength of thousand suns. If it means anything, I live for you. Things like your kind and beautiful smiling face, your beautiful voice, and your sweet gentility are all precious-no, everything is. I’m sorry, this is really embarrassing! Still, I want to convey these words honestly. Everyone one gets older but love is eternal I believe. Love has needs no certain expectations. No matter what we are always here for you and we will wait forever. Finally, even though I want to see you and can’t, my heart’s always with you.
    Sorry, I made a lot of mistakes in Japanese…
    Additional Words: ~As a last note that isn’t in Japanese, you needn’t have to try so hard because we already know you work so hard already… Isn’t our love you enough? Love isn’t conditional- it’s just given. It was so hard writing all this to you in Japanese, but I did my best…”
    As a last note, it took me a long time to compose what I wanted to say him partly because Japanese is not my first language (I have been a student of it for 4 years) but I did what I could so I apologize for the inadequacies
    for you native speakers out there.

  32. Everybody has their own problems, I’m a teenager but it doesn’t change the fact that I have my own problems,too. When I was thinking more about my problems I became so depressed even I can’t breath easily. But when I decided to not make myself more depressed and I decided to love anything about myself more and stop to hating myself, I felt my life better.
    The most important things is please be happy on yourself. Like you said, please be happy for even the smallest things.
    No matter what we will always love and support you.
    We always by your side, so don’t worry and please don’t be sad.

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