[Other Twitter] 120214 Kim So Hyun, Yoochun’s co-star in ‘Rooftop Prince’, tweets about Yoochun

Kim So Hyun is a child actress who plays young Se Na in ‘Rooftop Prince’. She was also in ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’.


[TRANS] Title: The discovery of my life’s first ideal Crown Prince. I met the Crown Prince today. For the first time! I’m thankful that I can become Crown Princess~ I must join the fancafe of the Crown Prince♥ Now I’m in daze because of filming overnight. I’ll sleep then join the fancafe~♬ -Diary of Crown Princess in Rooftop Prince-

[TRANS]  “Haha. Can’t you still look into my eyes? The moment I set my eyes on you, bam! The Crown Prince who I’ll fall in love with!!!is Crown Prince Park Yoo Chun~^^ You knew about my birthday being the same with yours and you also greeted me first! I was really ♥touchedㅠ From now on, my ideal guy would be you, Crown Prince Park Yoo Chun!” Hee-hee

Source: @wowkimsohyun
Translation by: The Little Pear of JYJ3,  @yookcheoni
Shared by: JYJ3
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44 thoughts on “[Other Twitter] 120214 Kim So Hyun, Yoochun’s co-star in ‘Rooftop Prince’, tweets about Yoochun

  1. wow cute, and its really wicked that her birthday is same as yoochun’s
    and her bloodtype too ^ ^
    (i can’t help but googling bout her profile, and that what i’ve found. awsome)

      • yeah chun-magnet, who can resist his charm ^ ^
        and she is so young, if only she’s little bit older i’ll ship her with our yoochun
        *run from angry fans*

      • Serious??? They have same BD and BLood type???? Wow… What a rare case…

        How old is she?? I believe she is 10++.. Its ok.. I mean , usualy celeb gets married so late.. And that time YC wants to get married, She woud be 20++…. 😀

  2. Lol.
    Btw, she’s referring to YC. She already met with the young crown prince since the filming started last week, but he just met with Chunnie yesterday.

    She’s already under YC’s spell kekekeke. Yoochun’s charm is unavoidable ❤

    • @gigi

      YC’s spell?? what the perfect word to describe his charm… 😉 It really is like a spell… I want to quit but i keep loving him more and more… What to do??? 😦

  3. i see YC always get work with a young girl in his drama , this is the second time after Ms Ripley ^_^
    other little princess already under YC’s spell

  4. Awww~ Isn’t that just cute! She’s officially a Minnie now. She’s a very talented young actress.
    And obviously, based on the hair band, she’s refering to Micky.

  5. That little girl tweets again. She’s totally smitten with YC. He might be the first ideal man in her life. LOL
    “Haha, no one discovered?
    I’m talking about the Crown Prince which I fell for at first sight
    He’s Crown Prince Park Yuchun
    He approached me when he knew he shares the same birthday as me
    Iwas really touched me TT
    From now onwards, my ideal man/type will be the Crown Prince Park Yuchun keke” via @chunnierules

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