[NEWS] 120214 Where is Yoochun’s chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

JYJ‘s Yoochun shared his loneliness on Valentine’s Day with a recent tweet.

On February 14th, he tweeted, “When will I receive my chocolate?…Fighting!

It seems that Yoochun is spending his Valentine’s Day busily filming for his new drama, SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘, rather than spending it with a sweet Valentine. Yoochun is still wearing his prince garb as he poses with a cute expression, while his staff members are chatting happily in the background of the van.

Fans replied to his question with, “I’m making the chocolate“, “I want to meet you!“, and “I said I was going to give it to you.” 

The drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’, will air its first pilot episode on March 14th as it is a romantic comedy of a Joseon prince who travels 300 years into the future (modern time) in search of his princess.

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3


30 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120214 Where is Yoochun’s chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

  1. CHUNNIE ~~ U R soooo adorable ~~~ i have Ur chocolate, but U hafta come to Chicago to get it!! ^_~ SARANGHAE CHUNNIE!!!

  2. YC being flirtatious with fans; soft smooth way of a lady killer hihihi once u have fallen for him there is no way out of it; dear YC can’t wait for ur new drama to be aired; though I’ll hv to wait bit longer than the SK fans huhuhu

    • @umeira
      IKR? It’s like a ONE way street..
      you can only fall IN love with him..
      but once in there’s NO way out, hihi~
      Park Yoochun..what’ve you done to us? *sigh*

      • @bubbly im one of the lady in search of way out of this long road, as u said it’s a one way street, either i jump over the cleef or just pass through the long widen road; dreaming of seeing him in front of me *then that’s the destiny* hahahaha

  3. Hahaha~ Such a dork~! What kind of selca is this? 😉
    He should learn from his hyung jj, lol~
    Jae’s selca’s always pretty and handsome.
    And look at our Chun..*shakeshead*
    But then again..that’s exactly why I love my Chun~! kkeke~

    • @bubbly

      My lil sis….*hugs*
      Note: If you are the same age with puthris, then I am the eonni….^__^

      You better tell your hubby how to do well with selca.
      My JJ is always ready for that purpose.
      On the second thought, I think not so cute selca is better for Chunnie.
      He might cause problems if Jaeharems are so interested in him…..LOL

      • @Jae-is-Mine eonni~!!! *hugsback*
        Ee..”not so cute” selca is gonna be difficult..you see..
        he’s born cute and he’s a dork champion..so..
        I like it most when he’s just being his usual playful self like here.. 😉

    • But I love this kind of selca. It’s super cute and more interesting. It-puts-a-smile-on-your-face kind of selca. The last time too we had a selca of his towel wrapped feet, lol. It can’t get any better than this.

      • @LoveUnchanged
        Hihi~ I’m loving it too~!!
        But I missed the “towel wrapped feet” one 😦
        I like when he does it the Chunstyle.
        If he’s too pretty and handsome, then..
        we’ll REALLY have to worry..
        what’s wrong with the Micky, right? haha~

  4. “When will I receive my chocolate?…Fighting!”
    THAT’s my Chun..the ever positive Chun, I mean.
    And really great to see our flirtatious Chun back in action, hahaha~

  5. Chunnie is becoming his hyung now….dorky style…!
    Although I don’t think Chunnie can go to my JJ’s level….My JJ is always so cut~~~~e and adorable.
    Chunnie’s one eye is rather uhmmm….*clearing throat*

    Chunnie is better smiling in his next selca….!

  6. 1st picture kind of scary.. but we know he is overly exited about the new drama(actually me too..=P)…I hope for better success than sungkyunkwan!! march is about a month but for me it is about years~__~

  7. oh Chunnie-bunnie..you just have to say the word and lush chocolates will be flying in from all over the planet to greet you the next morning!!! ^_____^ maybe the Rooftop staff made some to distribute to everyone..haha..work hard, play hard too ok? Happy Valentine’s sweetheart..xoxoxo! 😀

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